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Hotel Emperador
Hotel Emperador

Lobby Art Gallery

Art ambassadors

We have fully reinvented the Lobby Bar of Hotel Emperador and turned it into a space dedicated to fashion and art. In our quest to promote talent, we have prepared an exhibition programme to showcase the work of young and established artists.

Inaugurated in September 2017, Lobby Art Gallery presents itself as an alternative art gallery which hosts temporary exhibitions and a permanent programme promoting artists from different art disciplines, ranging from abstract art to collages, sculptures and even interventions in our street art space.

Open Monday to Sunday from 10.00 a.m. to midnight. Free entry.

Call for Artists for the Lobby Art Gallery 2024
Hotel Emperador

“Urban Landscapes” by the artist Pilar Palomino

A small tour through the artist’s most figurative works. Always with the strength of the palette knife and the power of oil.

Her painting could be framed in Abstract impressionism, subjective and improvised and sometimes more figurative, with shapes turned into color.

“My painting reflects another way of seeing reality, calmer, kinder, as we would always like it to be”. Pilar Palomino


Irene Pérez

“Only Emotions” is a series of primarily abstract works that once again showcase all the emotions that the artist always wants to externalize.

Through figurative and abstract styles, it portrays the hidden reality that resides within each of us and that we are unable to externalize. Depression, anxiety, or frustration are some of the psychological states that the artist reflects through textures, accompanied by a realistic figure that serves as a portrait of the viewer. It is a way of making visible the imperceptible before our eyes, all those emotions or unfavorable situations that are truly necessary and are part of a process of evolution and learning.

Irene Pérez is a young visual artist graduated in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU (2018). Her works show a psychological portrait of society.

Hotel Emperador

Rocío Fernández Ríos


Planet Alive is a thought about the place we live, the only place we have and which we should all take care of. It is also an invitation to enjoy places that seem inhospitable but are full of life and light.

The free flowing of the water together with the pigment creates a sense of movement bringing paintings to life.

Watercolour as a technique is, for the artist, a means of emotional transmission, that’s why her works are intended to provoke an unconscious appreciation in the viewer, for the purpose of those appreciation, the titles of the paintings are offered as a mere suggestion.


The Madrileñer

The Madrileñer is a collective project of local artists who illustrate stories of Madrid and its habitants (the MADRILEÑERS) who have created for Lobby Art Gallery the exhibition 11 Artists – 11 Stories.

It was born with the aim of encapsulating a perception of MADRID and turning it into a decorative object, with a special meaning for those who have walked through its streets and with artistic value for those who know about art. It is granted the good work of this collective of illustrators who love Madrid and whose artistic career is beginning to be recognized. Pieces printed in limited editions, with certificate of authenticity signed by their creators.

Each illustration tells a story of Madrid, its people or its lifestyle, which fit perfectly into a creative puzzle. The artists develop the illustration with different techniques and limited editions are faithfully printed on 200 gsm Hahnemühle PhotoMatt paper, in 12 inks (giclée or museum quality), in pieces that can last more than 100 years. A careful art direction process, from the selection of the artists and stories to be captured, to the joint work of fine-tuning the image to make each piece unique.

Aitor Saraiba

Aitor Saraiba

An exhibition consisting of a selection of recent works in different formats, drawings, ceramics, textiles and paintings. Saraiba’s creations are based on a complex and sentimental approach where references to magic, classical culture, popular wisdom, fused with an important autobiographical substratum.


Ana Salas

The UCRONÍA exhibition is a selection of recent works by the artist.

The materialization of her project is the result of a completely self-taught artistic training, a consequence of her great passion for art and creativity.

The concept that gives the exhibition its name appeals to the infinite number of possible alternative universes that exist in every creative process, always starting from a single concrete point.


Jochi Cámara

Argentinian artist whose curiosity and admiration for avant-garde art has led her to explore different techniques and expressions such as illustration, collage, painting and muralism.

The nature and the strident colors of her works are perfectly reflected in her exhibition “Naturaleza en Gran Vía”.

Would you like to discover all the artists whose work we have exhibited in our art gallery?

Javier Melús

Javier Melús

Javier Melús, a reference in the current pop-art presented a selection of works of the Pop Art genre. Paintings with a great visual charge in which irony, humor and ambiguity are very present; there is no particular message in them, the quotidian is what is really important, the viewer is really the one who has to make the interpretation of what he sees.

Self-taught, he evolved from the reflection of the Navarrese landscapes of his native land to collage, technical experimentation, the use of materials and ironic and humorous expression with icons from comics, advertising and cinema. Javier Melús has exhibited his work in galleries and cultural centers in Spain and abroad.

Joo Eun

Joo Eun


Sanguiun is an invitation to change in the mountains, in solitude and in silence to listen to both your soul and our own soul and to feel the bond that exists between us and Nature.

The language that Joo Eun uses is made of the silences that pervade the mountains and the silences that accompanied her childhood, which were at times pleasant and at others terrifying. Over time, silence became her language, which is represented through the foggy landscapes, the snowy images with no signs of human footprints, the dark nights, etc. The mystique of nature is represented through these works and is highlighted by the contrast between the darkness and the light, which illuminates the path. The illuminated path is particularly inviting as it is bursting with mysteries and deeper feelings.

Joo Eun creates her art with unusual techniques that are based on water, earth and some pigments, which create very stimulating textures. In them, reference is made to the cosmos and the earth based on a vision and sensitivity that is halfway between east and west, which also evokes the mystical and ancestral character of nature.

Coco Davez

Coco Davez


Faceless are portraits based on the simplicity of the shapes and the combination of pure colours, which seek to capture the personal nature of each individual person. The face disappears to represent the energy of the person being portrayed.

Therefore, this realistic depiction uses pure colours, so that the feelings, experiences and memories transmitted by the person being portrayed to the author can be emphasised. Coco Dávez is able to make each portrait have its own personal character, as she is able to understand this in each person.

In a process of schematisation and synthesis, the young artist from Madrid turns the character into an icon, a symbol. She has fauvist influences, much like artists such as: Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Le Corbusier, David Lynch, Jacques Cousteau, Grace Jones, Basquiat, Yayoi Kusama etc. A pictorial journey through the popular culture of the 20th century, coming from the brush of one of the greatest artists at the moment.

Coco Dávez (Madrid, 1989) began her artistic career in London in 2010 when she began to work as an illustrator for the newspaper “El Mundo”. She has been progressing her career in the fields of art direction, photography and, the most well-known, painting.

To work she uses pencils, gouaches, ink or acrylics, combining them with different techniques. She has given workshops on illustration and has done exhibitions in Paris, Lisbon, Santiago de Chile, Queensland etc.

Her last big project was “Faceless”, which was an illustrated book published by Lunwerg and presented at FNAC Madrid and Barcelona.

Josune García Larrañaga

Primera exposición en el Lobby Art Gallery

En esta primera ocasión, en nuestro Lobby Art Gallery se expuso el trabajo de Josune García Larrañaga, con su pintura abstracta y envolvente a la vez que emotiva. “Deseo que el espectador no solo vea, sino experimente la pieza, y al sumergirse en los colores y su energía, pueda a través de ella, acercarse un poco más a su lado emocional” explica Josune.

“Para mí el arte es un proceso meditativo que me permite abstraerme de una mente hiper-racional. La búsqueda de perfección, las normas y el deseo de control se desvanecen y queda espacio para que el alma pueda hablar”, concluye.


Arte en papel artesanal

“Mediante la presente exposición he buscado representar mi particular visión de la historia y del retrato, especialmente el regio, en alusión al elegante e incomparable marco expositivo en el que nos encontramos. Siempre he sido un enamorado de la pintura clásica y del retrato, con la aspiración de ir un paso más allá en la búsqueda de contemporaneizarlo”, destaca Daniel Esteban, “Danielem”.

Danielem crea obras realizadas íntegramente en papel, sin intervención pictórica alguna, donde los juegos de sombras, transiciones o volúmenes, no son más que el contraste producido entre soportes de diferente tonalidad y naturaleza. Papeles artesanales usados fundamentalmente en el mundo de la encuadernación, que por su naturaleza y peculiaridad dotan a la obra de un carácter único, irrepetible e incontrolable, pues en muchas piezas, los tonos o estampados del papel, mandan más que la propia voluntad del autor.

Sandra Val

Las heridas del alma: roturas, nudos y agujeros

El proceso de trabajo de Sandra Val es una suma de elementos donde se reitera de forma característica la necesidad de reconstruir nuevas formas a partir del fragmento, de lo dañado-destituido u olvidado, de lo encontrado también. Hay cierta obsesión en reconstruir el gran puzle que representa cualquier vida marcada por el olvido, llena de lagunas y ausencias, en generar unidades completas dotadas de significado por medio de la búsqueda.

“Mi obra es un reflejo de mi propia vida, surge de la herida que generan el olvido y el silencio, evolucionando en la cicatriz que nos recordará siempre lo acontecido. Las cicatrices son, por tanto, un símbolo de cura, evolución y superación de aquello que nos hace más fuertes y resilientes”, destaca la artista.


Through The Glass

La Gran Vía madrileña como paradoja de la calle, de todo lo que sucede en ella, y de sus transformaciones continuas. En los tiempos que corren, con la intensidad de la ciudad y los vaivenes de su energía, surge Through the Glass para tomar esa energía, capitalizarla en forma de vibrantes colores y adentrarla en un espacio en donde poder explotar y expandirse por doquier a la vista de quienes transitan la misma atmósfera en donde se originó. Un espacio emblemático que por primera vez se dejará alterar completamente.

Through the Glass es una muestra site-specific de Misterpiro, artista urbano revelación. Pintura, intervención e instalación fueron algunas de las composiciones que el artista creó en directo a medida que se familiarizó con el ambiente y se adueñó del mismo con su fantástico universo.

Sol Felpeto

Poop Arttoons

Animales y arte se funden en la obra de Sol Felpeto, formada por piezas que podrían ser descritas como ‘multi-estilo’, si bien la filosofía de la artista ha sido siempre reproducir cualquier técnica mediante su material favorito: la acrílica. La colección expuesta en el Hotel Emperador permitió una conexión entre algo ya conocido como piezas de arte icónicas, y algo totalmente nuevo.

La artista venezolana define su trabajo como “un espectáculo que quiere entretener al público, que nace con la necesidad de sorprender y realizar la observación en lugar de la interacción”.

What else do we offer in our Lobby Art Gallery?

Hotel Emperador

A traditional essence

The Lobby Bar of Hotel Emperador has always stood out for its English-style elegance, combining the essence of tea rooms and classic British bars, to which we have added a touch of art and culture yet still maintaining the spirit which has consolidated us as a favourite choice in Gran Vía.

Hotel Emperador

Comfort and elegance in Madrid

Relaxing while you observe the daily life of a city like Madrid is a luxury you cannot afford to miss, especially if you are doing so from a place such as the Lobby Art Gallery of Hotel Emperador. This relaxing spot offers comfortable armchairs, some of them of the chesterfield variety, and a sophisticated decor visible through the large windows overlooking Gran Vía.

Hotel Emperador

Simply irresistible

We offer a large selection of cocktails, beers, wines and a tasty light menu which includes salads, sandwiches, burgers and desserts. We are the best option to relax and unwind before dinner with a cocktail or a drink after a long day of work or sightseeing.

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